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Welcome to inZanity S04E02

Zany is gonna broaden musical perspectives and will take you all on an insane journey across all of hard dance music.

The podcast is all about the best hardstyle, early rave, jump, trap, rawstyle and even hardcore!

It doesn’t matter what genre a track is from, if it thumps Zany will add it to his podcast!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

(P.S. Next week there’ll be a special bonus episode! ;-))


#SEASON04 #S04E02


00. Intro S04E03

01. Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - No Sleep (Crystal Lake Bootleg)

02. Ruthless & Crude Intentions & GLDY LX - Fire Hazard

03. Hypnose - Reality

04. PRDX - Disconnected

05. Pegboard Nerds feat. MC Mota - Gunslinga

06. Max Enforcer - Rock Rhyme Funk Roll

07. Sephyx & TALON - Wild Love

08. Helix - Roll the Dice

09. Luca Testa & Asteroidz - Faster

10. The Prophet & Dutch Movement - Fiyaaah!

11. Ti-Mo - Stay (Da Tweekaz Remix)

12. D-Block & S-te-Fan & Sub Zero Project - Darkest Hour (The Clock)

13. Requiem - The Reckoning

14. Crystal Mad - Marijuana

15. Deetox feat. Elyn - Fallen

16. Deluzion - Bass Goes Boom

17. Gammer & Stonebank - Crank Up the Dank

18. Nosferatu - Sanctity of Space (Cassini’s Journey)

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