Evan Bernick on Eliminating Constitutional Law


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In this episode, Evan Bernick, Executive Director of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution and Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, discusses his article "Eliminating Constitutional Law," which will be published in the South Dakota Law Review. Bernick begins by briefly describing the different ways legal theorists talk about the concept of law and how they are different. He observes that some legal theorists have argued that the law requires us to adopt particular methodologies of constitutional interpretation, and explains why he thinks they are wrong. He argues that we should eliminate reliance on legalism from constitutional decisionmaking, and reflects on what that would mean. Bernick is on Twitter at @evanbernick.

This episode was hosted by Brian L. Frye, Spears-Gilbert Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky College of Law. Frye is on Twitter at @brianlfrye.

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