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By Jeff Manildi, Rev. Allen O'Brien, Rev. Bonnie Rambob, Pastor Casey Tinnin and Rev. Rajeev Rambob, Jeff Manildi, Rev. Allen O'Brien, Rev. Bonnie Rambob, and Pastor Casey Tinnin a. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.

Allen, Casey and Jeff dive into the disturbing notion of “gay conversion therapy”, sometimes called “gay reparative therapy”. The episode begins with Casey sharing his personal experience with the horrific practice. Allen and Jeff share from their own experiences as straight white guys. All three reveal the influence of religiously institutionalized sexual purity culture and homophobia on their own formations as young men growing up. They each share their process toward seeing beauty and goodness in the entire spectrum of human sexuality.

You might be thinking --- there is no way conversion therapy is still happening. Yet as the co-hosts discuss, there are new forms -- of gay healing, conversion therapy, whatever they are calling it -- rising among various evangelical and fundamentalist Christian communities across the country. Even in the states where it is against the law. And, it’s no surprise that young people are the primary targets for this form of spiritual abuse. You’ll hear Allen, Jeff and Casey calling out: know where your church stands on this issue and hold them accountable. If “all are welcome” doesn’t mean welcome to participate in all of the privileges of membership, then take down the damn welcome sign.

As the episode progresses, Casey encourages all LGTBQ people to find the inner voice that tells them, you are good, beautiful and whole. Allow that voice to become strong and true… eventually the other voices will fade away.

To top it all off, Jeff, Allen and Casey play “What Kind of Gay Are YOU”? Oh yeah, you’ll want to listen to the very end.

Conversation on Conversion Therapy (02:02)

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From Our Conversation on Conversion Therapy

From Our What Type of Gay Are You Segment


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Rev. Allen O’Brien, MAT | co-founder & co-host |

Allen is a venerator of emotionality. He thrives on education, peace, and interconnectedness— passions which permeate his work as pastor, writer, lover of all the things, and occasional vegan.

You can connect with Allen (@RevAllenOB) on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, GoodReads, & LinkedIn.

Rev. Bonnie Rambob, MDiv | co-host |

As a pastor, activist, educator, mom, and possibility artist, Bonnie invites people into newness. She loves climbing trees, knitting and hiking while conversing with friends about smashing the patriarchy.

You can connect with Bonnie on Facebook and at Parkside Community Church-UCC

Pastor Casey Tinnin, MTS | co-host |

Preacher, protester, everybody’s pastor. Casey geeks out on comic books, talking theology, politics, and sex. He’s most free when he is dancing, cooking with his partner Jose, or walking their dog Kole.

You can follow Casey on Twitter and Facebook, or you can check out his blog The Queerly Faithful Pastor or

Jeff Manildi | co-founder, producer & co-host |

Chaser of tales and climax initiator, Jeff rises to the occasion, edging to a satisfying completion. Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking story, not sex. Jeff expresses his creativity by curating diverse ideas, energies and people.

Follow Jeff (@JeffManildi) on facebook, instagram & twitter. You can also listen to Jeff’s other podcast Divine Cinema.

Rev. Rajeev Rambob, MCL | co-host |

Rajeev loves thoughtful and provocative conversation over food and drink, most often with his family. He’s a loyal, smart-ass friend who believes in the power of spiritual journeys. Feminist, Anti-colonial, Process Theology-nerd.

You can follow Rajeev on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


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