Catastrophic Effects of Lockdown; Christians Spouting ‘Pseudoscientific Claptrap’?; The Great Reset


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We begin this episode with a comprehensive review of a recent audit published by the Daily Mail in which many of the catastrophic effects of the lockdown are laid bare. We then review a recent article written by a Christian surgeon, which is an exhortation for fellow Christians to stop dabbling in 'pseudoscientific claptrap'. We ask if the arguments presented in this article are persuasive. We finish with a short review of some of the salient themes of the important work of political theory, Covid 19: The Great Rest, written by the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Shwab.
Rough Timings:
Up to 27 minutes: Lockdown's Lethal Toll Laid Bare
Also mentioned in this section: 4 Newborn Babies Die in Australia due to Coronavirus Travel Restrictions
Student Dies in Lockdown after 'Suffering Severe Anxiety'
27 - 51 minutes: Christians Must Stop Embracing Pseudo-Scientific Claptrap, Mark Surg
51 minutes: The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab/Thierry Malleret
Also Mentioned:
The Great Barrington Declaration
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