Special Episode: Interview with Venerable Dr Edward Dowler, Archdeacon of Hastings


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In this very special episode, we sit down with the Venerable Doctor Edward Dowler, Archdeacon of Hastings in the Church of England.
We discuss four articles that Edward has written over the lockdown period. We begin with a discussion of the Church's early reaction to the pandemic, including the controversial decision to prevent clergy from praying in their own churches. We talk about face coverings and the significance of not being able to sing in church. Finally we discuss how the measures implemented by the government have diminished our lives in extremely significant ways and look to a future situation in which the Church and society are restored.
If you would like to read Edward's articles, links to all of them are available below:
Let the clergy pray in their churches
We lose much when the face is covered up
Singing a new song
People need alternatives to fear
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