The Church, The Gospel and Covid; Piper and Trump; and more w/ special guest, Priest and Spectator Columnist, Rev'd Daniel French


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In a first for our podcast, we are joined by a very special guest, priest and columnist for The Spectator, the Reverend Daniel French. We discuss Daniel's experiences over the last eight months and talk about the opportunities the Church might have as a result of the change brought about in the world due to Covid. Could this be the end of the age of reason and the beginning of a new age of faith? How can we communicate a message of life in the midst of a culture of pervasive fear?
We also discuss a widely circulated article, written by Baptist pastor John Piper, in which Piper argues that a Christian should not vote for either Biden or Trump at the US election.
We end by touching on some of the disparate stories that have caught our attention, including Lord Sumption's withering attack on the UK government from a powerful legal perspective and the UK's newest political celebrity, Maureen from Barnsley.
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