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A movie review show that asks the question: Is It Jaws? Or, in simpler terms, is it a classic, is it good, is it just watchable...or is it totally unwatchable? Host, Paul Spataro, is joined by a variety of cohosts to look at movies from all eras. Listener feedback is encouraged at: Is It Jaws? is a proud member of the Two True Freaks! ( family of podcasts, the best place on the internet to find shows about Star Wars, Star Trek, Comics, Movies, and anything else that the modern geek could ever want. The show can be found on iTunes or it can be downloaded from the website directly. And if you are downloading the show through iTunes, please be sure to leave a rating, hopefully a FIVE STAR RATING, because every rating we get helps people to know that the show is out there. Thanks for downloading, and come back next time and take some time to...LISTEN TO THE PROPHETS.

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