061 - PART 1: Kinesiology 101 with Lisa Carr


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Lisa Carr has been practising Kinesiology for over 12 years. She has a passion for helping her client's clear resistance to manifest their ideal life. She loves working with women in business, mums, children, and spiritual seekers. Lisa has created a Kinesiology Tool kit workshop to help people perform mini Kinesiology balances on themselves and their loved ones. She is also currently further studying to teach more people about Kinesiology! Lisa lives in the Dandenong Ranges forest of Melbourne with her husband and two young children. She loves connecting deeply with people, helping people to have big shifts in their lives and to live in balance and flow. Lisa has a passion for all things healing, growth and mindset and loves assisting others to be their best in a balanced lifestyle.

I was also lucky enough to interview Lisa in a previous episode all about raising a family and running a business she shared so many nuggets of wisdom in that episode which is why I am so excited to have her on the show today!

I'm really excited to have you here today to talk more about Kinesiology, I love it myself and have had many sessions with you but when talking to someone about it

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