Funding Change: Why Clean Energy Ventures Are No Longer Uninvestable


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Venture capital funding for clean energy technology companies has declined in recent years, but one new fund is looking to buck that trend. Dan Goldman is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Clean Energy Ventures, and he is trying to be a catalyst, and change the narrative by providing those companies with the resources they need to make long-lasting positive impacts. Dan joined IT Visionaries to discuss the process Clean Energy Ventures goes through when selecting new companies. And he explains what differentiates Clean Energy Ventures from other VCs and looks into his crystal ball at the future of the clean energy industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Lack of Funding: There are not enough companies funding clean energy technologies. If you want to advance climate change solutions, successful and profitable companies need to begin investing in the space. Dan dives into the strategies his company is utilizing to fund these ventures
  • A Proven Formula: There is less risk to investing in clean energy than people think. In the past it has been proven that clean energy technology companies that are well-supported perform better and actually produce highly-scalable technologies.
  • Demystify the ROI: If an investor does not understand how he or she will see a return on investment, there is no chance that they will put money into a venture. To secure funding, especially in the clean energy space, it’s critical to explain clearly how those funds will be turned into goods, service, or impact that will lead to a return.


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