085: Recruiter Helps People Beat the System and Find Their Dream Jobs


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After Lindsay Mustain’s father was laid off from his job after 25 years, his family lost everything. His suffering and his experiences being told time and time again that he was overqualified led Lindsay to a career in recruiting to help people. Her gift for connection, finding talent, and highlighting it led her to work for 25 Fortune 100 companies and ultimately to becoming Amazon’s most visible employee on LinkedIn.

When her time at Amazon had run its course, Lindsay walked away to pursue the membership model. Now, at Dream Job Hack, Lindsay uses her experiences from the world of recruiting and hiring to help people find careers where they love what they do. She uses her insider knowledge of just how broken the job search process is to empower her members to find great roles and earn more.

Today, Lindsay joins the podcast to share how she found her strength, how embracing the membership model has allowed her to do what she loves best, and why every aspiring entrepreneur already has all the tools they need hiding inside of them.

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