086: The Lawyer and Financial Expert Helping Others Create Hope and Financial Abundance


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Tasha Cochran had no idea how she was going to afford college, so she joined the US Marine Corps. She became a mother as a teenager, and, while serving as a full-time Marine, took night classes at a community college, then attended Yale Law School. She got a great job, but also found herself posting YouTube videos about hair and personal finance, which led her to realize that she needed to sell products and services to grow her side business.

Now, at One Big Happy Life, Tasha helps people create lives they love while building wealth for their best financial future. She helps her clients take control of their lives and their money once and for all in a busy world with jobs, kids, money, and health demanding their attention.

Today, Tasha joins the podcast to share her journey from aspiring attorney to membership owner, how it felt to cross that precipice, and what it means to give people the empowerment and hope they need to live the lives they’ve always wanted.

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