089: Entrepreneur Pivots from Retail Struggles to Scalable Coaching


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Candace D’Agnolo left her corporate job at a big ad agency and spent over 15 years running brick-and-mortar businesses, including a pet supply store and a doggy daycare. She launched her own pet spas, and by the age of 28 had three retail locations in Chicago and 30 employees. However, she also had a massive amount of bank debt and SBA loans, and her husband wanted to take a job in New York.

Now, at Pet Boss Club, Candace provides business coaching and mentorship for entrepreneurs in the pet industry. She helps them build businesses that create thriving communities, impact their local economies, and act as positive change agents in the lives of pets, customers, employees and other small business owners.

Today, Candace joins the podcast to share the story of her journey to entrepreneurship, how mentorship and coaching changed her life, and how she now passes that gift on to others in her field through a scalable, thriving membership business.

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