097: Turning a Financial Coaching Business Into a Membership


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After seeing her mother file for bankruptcy, Kelsa Dickey believed that becoming a financial advisor was her dream job. However, she discovered that she didn’t want to help people with investments, insurance, or long-term planning. Instead, she wanted to help her clients’ make sense of the money each and every day.

Now, at Fiscal Fitness, she provides financial coaching with a specific focus on the day-to-day part of money. She spends her working days following her passion, and helping people plan for and create the lives they want to live. Through her membership, Financial Coach Academy, she teaches financial coaches everything they need to know to do what she does.

Today, Kelsa joins the podcast to tell the story of how she found her passion, invented her niche, and let go of the limiting beliefs that were holding her back from succeeding on her terms.

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