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Episode 56. Charlie Hustle has earned himself a reputation as a wild-man, savage, graffiti savant. Raised by alcoholic parents in Brooklyn and then Staten Island, CH fell in love with graffiti by the 3rd grade. It gave him a community and a brotherhood that helped him navigate finding his own identity. But as New York changed under Giuliani in the 1990s, that community quickly escalated to violence, PCP every day and over 100 arrests in and out of Rikers Island. By 20, Charlie discovered recovery in Arizona where he unrolled in acting classes at a community college. But then there was relapse, more violence, more arrests, taking on white leaders in the Mojave Desert prison system, and finally applying to halfway houses in Florida without medical insurance and bit-by-bit turning it around. Charlie has seen it all. Today he has 6 months sober and is happily settled in the Massachusetts countryside.
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