Episode 25 with AARON HALLIDAY: Jingling and Jangling All the Way - The Careful Use of Language for Applied BS


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Aaron is co-founder and president of Trust Included, consultancy that offers scientifically validated solutions to help organizations overcome challenges and proactively meet the future through initiatives related to wellness culture, leadership, and employee experience. Aaron is a , a reviewer for the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, a certified executive coach, and a professionally trained scientist-practitioner. His background in industrial-organizational psychology allows him to use best practices in science and evidence-based management to help organizations and individuals overcome challenges, prevent problems, and promote organizational health using a rigorous data-driven approach. He's interested in positive organizational psychology or the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive and how these findings may be used to benefit all levels of social systems (from individuals to societies). Aaron’s proactive focus on striving for healthy individual and organizational functioning goes beyond meeting the needs of an organization, rather it cultivates opportunities for that workplace and its members to grow and thrive.

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