Episode 34 with CAROLINE ROUX: Juggling the Psychology of Scarcity


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Caroline Roux holds the Concordia University Research Chair in Psychology of Resource Scarcity. Her primary area of research explores how reminders of resource scarcity affect consumers’ cognitions, judgment, and behavior. More broadly, her research interests focus on better understanding how pro-social values and moral considerations influence consumers’ decision making. Caroline was awarded research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture. She also was the recipient of the 2017 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award in the Strategic Research Cluster "The Person and Society," and of the 2019 Dean’s Award for Distinguished Scholarship – Emerging Scholar. Caroline's research has been published in top marketing journals, such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology, among others. She has a PhD in marketing from NorthWestern University.

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