36. Thorsten Lorenz


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Thorsten is a Jazz musician turned developer and is excited about Node.js and its community. The fast turnaround from idea to working module has proven addictive for him and led to lots of modules which ended up on github and/or npm. In his free time he builds all kinds of things, including games, recently in Flutter and most recently in Rust. Thorsten is @thlorenz on twitter and streams development of his projects on his twitch channel at twitch.tv/thlorenz. He currently works at Cypress.io. # Batufo https://thlorenz.com/batufo # Talk about Progressive Web App Challenges https://youtu.be/bKxtwzr0sy0 # Handmade Hero https://handmadehero.org # Open Game Art https://opengameart.org # Stitches: Online Sprite Sheet Generator https://draeton.github.io/stitches # YouTube Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4k64WemroGlTDHJzVo_O1l6C0nuwRc6G # Flame https://pub.dev/packages/flame # Sprite Widget https://pub.dev/packages/spritewidget

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