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Last week I wrote a blog for my website titled Create A Future Ideas Folder (FIF) and the purpose of this folder is to store marketing and advertising, created by other people, that captures your eye.

Things that really jump out at you that make you pay attention, or you think is unique in some way.

It may be a newspaper, magazine, or even an online ad. It could be a stylish website or landing page, or if you’re out driving around town it may be a billboard.

Regardless of what jumps out at you, you need to cut it out, make a copy, or take a photograph and print it out. Then you need to add it to your FIF.

Now it doesn’t mean you’re going to steal these ideas, but instead you’re going to use what you’ve collected for future use and to help stimulate your own ideas.

In my blog I also mention creating a Marketing Folder (MF), where you store copies of all your ongoing marketing as it occurs…but what this episode is about is starting a Brain Book (BB).

A BB is a hardcover book that you use to keep a record of all your original thoughts, ideas and concept as they come to mind.

If you’re not sure if you should, or should not record a thought or idea into your BB, then you always should, because this book is not about being right or wrong; it’s about creating a place where you can store all your crazy thoughts, which you can go back to and read at a later date.

Now I want to point out that your BB is not a daily journal where you record your feelings or thoughts about your life, that’s a different book altogether. You also don’t need to add an entry into your BB everyday, but if you have an idea everyday, then of course you can.

There are no rules on how you use your BB. The only rule is your need to have one.

You BB doesn’t have to be just about your business either; you can record anything into this book.

In my BB I have movie ideas, architectural ideas (and I’m not an architect), stock market thoughts, real estate tips, drawings, frameworks, new product ideas and of course future book ideas.

As soon as something pops into your head, it needs to go somewhere, so why not in your BB. I started my first BB in April 2000 and I still refer to it on a regular basis.

In October 2001 I wrote an outline for a self-improvement book into my BB, and at the time of writing it, it didn’t really make much sense. In fact I’m not sure what I was even thinking at the time, but when I looked at it six weeks ago all of a sudden it made total sense. This is the power of the BB.

Now you can use your BB for note taking at conferences, but I prefer to write my notes elsewhere and record an overview of what I learnt from the conference into my BB.

I do the same after I listen to a podcast or read a book. If any lingering ideas are swirling around in my head I write them into the BB and I note next to it the episode I was listening to or the book I was reading.

If I have a meeting or coffee with someone I will document my thoughts into my BB.

Your BB, over a number of years, can become an extremely valuable book and when used wisely it can become a powerful tool that works perfectly with your FIF and MF.

Let me explain.

As soon as you see an ad or marketing idea that captures your attention, it should be immediately be added to your FIF, as I previously explained. If you have any initial thoughts on how you could use it in your future marketing, you should record your thoughts into your BB.

Now if you have no thoughts, don’t worry about it; they will come when you least expect it. It could be the next day, or it may be the following week, but when they do you need to record them in your BB.

So when you ready to create some new ideas or concepts for your business, pull out your FIF and your BB and let the magic happen, and when a marketing plan is put in motion, it’s added to your MF, because this is where you keep a record of all your current and previous marketing.

In closing, it’s important to remember that your BB is not just for business use, it’s a place to record all your thoughts and ideas, because a crazy thought you have today may change the world tomorrow.

If you have any questions about the Brain Book please email me

I also offer one-hour one-on-one mentoring session on how to set up and best use the BB to your business advantage. Once again if your interested please email me or visit my website

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