Are You Comfortbale With Your Partner Having An Opposite Sex Best Friend?


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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're asking a very controversial question. Are you comfortable with your partner having an opposite sex best friend? Yea or nay? What if they know each other better than the 2 of you and your partner shares all your dirty laundry with their OSBF (Opposite Sex Best Friend)? What if the OSBF has been around longer than you and knows more about your partner than you? What if your partner shares things with their OSBF that they don't even share with you? What if your partner and their OSBF were already staying nights together before you came in the picture? You accepted it at first because you didn't want to come in seeming controlling, but is this acceptable later on in the relationship? BFF's crashing at each other's place while in a relationship probably isn't as uncommon as you think. These are just some of the challenges that couples face when their partner has an opposite sex best friend. Oh and how can we forget this one! What if your partners opposite sex BFF is extremely attractive? On top of it, they have an extremely tight bond. Would that make you feel insecure when they spend time together? These are some very intriguing scenarios that we'll be discussing on tonight's show. It's time to get to the bottom of this and there's only one place to do it. It's Real Talk Radio. If it aint us, it aint Real! Call In # 347-838-9540 Facebook: Facebook: Twitter:

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