Pride Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy


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Tonight's discussion is on pride and how too little of it can be hurtful just as well as too much of it. So where do we find that healthy balance? That's what will keep us balanced, right? Or is it?? People who lack pride typically get used, abused, manipulated and taken advantage of constantly by wolves and snakes who are on the search for prey. People who are too prideful on the other hand, tend to push people away, never bend, lack compromise, are know it alls, never apologize and think the world revolves around them. It's very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with these types of people. So where do you fit in all of this? Do you tend to be too prideful or not prideful enough? Or do you want to play politics and say you're right down the middle (knowing goodness well you a'int lol)? Tonight, your boy Tay Real will be analyzing this whole pride deal and also catching you up on why I've been m-i-a, what to look forward to from me in the future, the whole 9. Sorry I kept y'all waiting so long. Make sure you tune in tonight, because it's going down! #ItJustGotReal Call In #347-838-9540

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