The Role Of General Counsel For Incident Response Planning And Handling | Redefining Security With Cody Wamsley And James Yarnall


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Security teams are very technical and tactical by nature, often looking at risk through a specific lens they've developed over time. But, of course, the reality is that the possible security incident can — and likely will be — much more extensive and require different teams and expertise. One bad mishandle and an event or incident could become an even more significant risk.

Successfully managing risk is not just about InfoSec; it's not just business operations, and it's not just a legal risk either. The truth is, an incident is a business risk that requires the synergy of many teams within the organization — this includes the general counsel.

As you listen to this episode, hopefully, you will start thinking a little more about how legal was (and should be) involved — or not, in some cases — in the information security program planning and incident response handling.


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