A Conversation With Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi | SAYA 10X Cybersecurity Awareness Tour Introduction


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This is a one-of-a-kind event and that’s why we have decided to be part of it. Let us tell you why. Born as a series of happenings taking place in different parts of the planet, one of the goals for this summit is to bring together and discuss cybersecurity’s diverse cultural approaches, perspectives, and visions; recent events have transformed this in-person summit into a global virtual multi-day event crossing multiple time zones. While we will all miss the joy of meeting in person, this format will give us all the opportunity to open up the conversation to a much larger audience. Everyone, from everywhere, can be part of this truly global cybersecurity event. The summit will feature speakers and experts from North, South and Central America, voices from various leading women in Africa, experts in the Asia Pacific region and many more still confirming their place on the SAYA 10x Cybersecurity Awareness Tour virtual stage. Summit programming will feature panels, virtual fireside chats and highlights awesome people doing great things around the world. We caught up with Jonathan to hear more about the event, how it started, how it’s shaping up as a fully-virtual event, and what people can expect throughout the week. It’s an impressive endeavor with the summit covering a full 72 hours of content, streaming live throughout the week of April 27th - May 1st, 2020. ITSPmagazine is honored and excited to participate and contribute to this event with daily virtual live conversations with speakers, and a dedicated panel with guests that we hope will bring the core message of this summit to bear: a global community working together on the same goal. There’s a lot of good information in this intro podcast—though some of it is still a secret. Listen to Jonathan’s impressive story, and then join us—virtually—as we cover the event and contribute to the conversations. May this be the first of many more Cybersecurity Global Summits in person—and maybe even still virtual. To experience all of our coverage for this global summit, please visit: https://www.itspmagazine.com/saya-university-saya-cybersecurity-awareness-tour-virtual-event-april-27-may-1 If you are interested in sponsoring out coverage, have a look at the options here: https://itspmagazine.com/event-coverage-sponsorship

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