How To Convince Leadership To Take Action | With Alyssa Miller | Mission Critical # 11


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Welcome to Mission Critical. A talk show on ITSPmagazine, hosted by Karen Worstell. This is Episode XI How To Convince Leadership To Take Action? With Alyssa Miller Alyssa and I had one of the more illuminating conversations about the challenges we have in the cyber community and that is: how do we manage to convince leadership to take action when we see the looming disaster of cybercrime? It turns out, the coronavirus lessons in what’s going well and what isn’t give us amazing set of metaphor for the challenges that cybersecurity professionals have faced for the last twenty years in terms of motivating industry to take the kind of action needed to preserve what’s left of digital trust. We loved the conversation we had so much that we collaborated on a paper and that is available for download here in the show notes. We’d both LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Please let us know how this metaphor lands for you and what lessons you see from which we might all benefit as we continue to observe the unfolding of this virus-fueled pandemic. Warm regards, Karen ______________ Visit Mission Critical With Karen Worstell on ITSPMagazine:…karen-worstell Interested in sponsoring an ITSPmagazine talk show? Visit:

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