The State Of CyberSecurity In Ireland | A Dialogue With Brendan Bonner & John Durcan | Part 2


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In part 2 of this At The Edge podcast, we continue to look at the state of cybersecurity in Europe with a deeper dive into Ireland. As John Durcan reviews organizations and examines their business ideas and supporting technology, he's seeing more companies tying in the security piece right from the beginning. Companies are finally grasping the concept that it's better to bring information security into the conversation as early as possible. For example, many are looking at implementing a "security by design" model from the company's inception and leveraging application security best practices as the product is developed. "There's no reason now for a company not to start building security into their product." ~John Durcan I also personally witnessed some trends first-hand where companies in Ireland are leading with security as a differentiator. As John and Brendan confirm during our chat, this not only helps organizations win new business when engaging with their prospects but also helps them compete with some of the larger organizations in their space. Embracing security as a value is especially helpful for small and medium enterprises tasked with responding to third-party assessment requests from their business partners. Brendan: "If you can't answer the 'why,' maybe you shouldn't do it that way." As the conversation continues, we get additional details from John and Brendan regarding the Cyber Ireland Cluster and what it means to do business in Ireland. Ultimately, it's all about the talent in Ireland and attracting new inbound talent while keeping the existing resources current and fresh as the InfoSec market continues to grow. The responsibility for growing talent moves well beyond Irish businesses, of course. Therefore, we decide to take a look at current and future programs implemented throughout the educational system in Ireland. Most of the program goals are two-fold: keep Irish talent current and bring new talent into Ireland. John and Brendan point to several initiatives in the primary and secondary school levels, while also citing initiatives geared toward keeping the interest level up to where it often drops off between the ages of 14 and 18. If they don't stay interested, they won't join the workforce. Recognizing and overcoming this challenge appears to be a top priority. We wrap up the conversation with some final thoughts from John and Brendan, but not before they provide their views on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain -- are these technologies snake oil or reality? Listen up to hear their answers. ________ This episode of At The Edge is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors, Interfocus and Nintex. Be sure to visit their directory pages on ITSPmagazine - Interfocus: - Nintex: To catch more stories At The Edge, be sure to visit

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