Their Story | SecureStack | A Conversation With Guy Givoni And Paul McCarty | RSA Conference 2020


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A Their Story interview with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli Guests: Guy Givoni and Paul McCarty The organization telling us their story today is SecureStack. When your prospects validate your minimum viable product (MVP), you know you are on the right track We were fortunate to meet Guy Givoni and Paul McCarty during their RSA Conference LaunchPad event in Singapore. They’ve been busy riding the wave of success following that event, and we caught up with them in San Francisco during RSA Conference 2020 to get an update from them. These are some of the things we discussed: Securing your cloud stack is different than securing your bare metal stack; migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean your security policies and controls automatically move over Cloud migrations and cloud deployments look different for different types of companies, various sizes of companies, and different tech stacks What it means to transition beyond moving compute to the cloud to a world where server-less architectures and containers are a critical part of the equation The importance of a secure standard operating environment Are you ready to learn more? Good! Have a listen to their story. Learn more about SecureStack on ITSPmagazine here: For more stories from RSA Conference 2020, be sure to visit

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