What Makes A City Smart? Tech Or People? | RSA Conference 2020 | With Remi Cohen And Lan Jenson


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Thank you for joining us at the intersection of technology, cybersecurity, and society. In this episode, Sean and Marco are coming to you from the RSA Conference in San Francisco and are joined by Remi Cohen and Lan Jenson. If you are old enough or enjoy "vintage" cartoons, you may be familiar with The Jetsons—a 1960s/1980s TV show about a family living in a futuristic place called Orbit City. The architecture is Googie style, technology is absolutely everywhere, and all homes and businesses are high up in the sky supported by very tall columns. No need, in this conversation, to dig into the possible environmental or societal catastrophe that may have forced this solution. And, let's keep it as a joke about how that, in the year 2020, there is no such city; and why we are not living that life? There isn’t a single answer, as this is—just like with every other technological topic—both a global conversation that has the common thread of development and well-being of humanity…and a local conversation with as many different angles that are defined by the cultural diversities, various needs, and short/medium-term goals we may find in different parts of the globe. In this session, we spoke about surveillance, privacy, safety, IoT, resilient ecosystems, education, and the roles of individuals, communities, nonprofit groups, governments, businesses, and all decision-makers that must come together to drive this change. All of this in the interest of those that will ultimately either be damaged or could benefit from the present and future smart city transformation: the citizens. Because, ultimately, the value of a society is not measured by the amount and advancement of its technology, but rather how such technology improves communities, reduces social problems, and creates the most quality of life for all. Now that would be something I would consider smart. We'd like to take a moment to thank our RSAC 2020 coverage sponsors for their belief in what we do and their support - we are ever so grateful and would encourage you to check out their company listings on ITSPmagazine to learn more about their offerings. - ReversingLabs: https://www.itspmagazine.com/company-directory/reversinglabs - Devo: https://www.itspmagazine.com/company-directory/devo - BlackCloak: https://www.itspmagazine.com/company-directory/blackcloak - WeSecureApp: https://www.itspmagazine.com/company-directory/wesecureapp - SecureStack: https://www.itspmagazine.com/company-directory/securestack For more stories from RSA Conference 2020, be sure to visit https://www.itspmagazine.com/rsa-conference-usa-2020-rsac-san-francisco-coverage

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