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Stalkerware can monitor all of your device activity. Martijn Grooten, Coordinator The Coalition Against Stalkerware talks us through what to do if you’re being cyberstalked.

Stalkerware is software that is installed by abusers and predators on a victim’s device without their consent. Stalkerware can monitor your emails, texts, social media posts, phone conversations and browsing history. Unfortunately, the solution may not be as simple as deleting the app, if you can even find it. But there are ways to protect yourself.

Conversation highlights:

  • What stalkerware is and does
  • Whether or not stalkerware is legal
  • How stalkers install it on devices
  • Why you might not want to delete it immediately
  • Steps you can take online and IRL to protect yourself
  • Where and how to report if you are in an abusive relationship and need help

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National Domestic Violence Hotline (USA):

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