EP20: James Bond - the real world of MI6, espionage and the fact in the fiction


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The 25th Bond film is in cinemas now and in this episode of I've Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan he digs into the real life world of espionage, counter terrorism and the life of Bond creator Ian Flemming. First up Peter is in conversation with Sir David Omand. He was the first UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator, served on the Joint Intelligence Committee, Permanent Secretary of the Home Office, and before that Director of GCHQ. His recent book How Spies Think: Ten Lessons in Intelligence gives a real insight into information gathering. In part two we hear from Dr Robert Bartholomew about the mysteriousHavana Syndrome. Are Western embassies across the World being targeted by a new sonic weapon? He along with Dr Robert Baloh have written extensively on the subject. And to wrap this episode we speak to Andrew Lycett, author of an outstanding biography of Ian Flemming - the creator of the one and only 007. Should you wish, all of today's guests and there work can be found on the links below as well as the wider web... Sir David Omand - www.penguin.co.uk/authors/138288/david-omand.html Dr Robert Bartholomew - www.rebartholomew.com Andrew Lycett - www.andrewlycett.co.uk Peter can be found on Twitter via @peterfrankopan Produced, edited and mixed by @producerneil

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