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2 COMEDIANS ONE PODCAST is hosted by J.R. Bjornson who is a new stand up blind comedian who is still learning the art of stand up comedy. Join J.R. as he talks with local Red Deer comedians who have been performing stand up comedy many years. Episode 2 features Bradley Layden who has been working in front of stages for well over 4 years. Here are the questions and topics of today's special episode.

#1. Who is Bradley Layden?

#2. How did you get started in Comedy?

#3. Is it hard doing stand up as a comedian who also has kids?

#4. What is the coolest job you ever had in your life?

#5. iPhone or Android and why?

#6. What do you look for when looking for a headliner?

#7. When should a comedian want to headline a show after working as a guest comedian for a little bit? AKA J.R. Bjornson

#8. When did you start Recording your sets? Does it help you get better?

#9. Is comedy actually a stressful job?

#10. What can people expect from you regarding future projects you have?

#11. Who was your fave cartoon growing up?

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