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Dylan Marma and Mike Taravella interviews Tyler Cauble who is the Founding Principal of the The Cauble Group.

  • Tyler started his career as a commercial real estate broker at a boutique firm before becoming an investor
    • This allowed him to understand the entire Nashville market for retail, office, and industrial
    • Allowed him to better understand different investment strategies
  • Landed his first deal as an investor with $0 down after trying to sell as a broker for 3 months
  • There is no blueprint on how to buy real estate, creativity is rewarded
  • Tyler focuses on Class C value-add opportunities within office space
  • Retail spaces have their own risks but have to be creative by figuring out what locals need and want
  • Experience, Market Knowledge, and Relationships help with Community Bank Financing
  • Leverage strategic partnerships to grow your business and your investing career
  • Network is your net worth
  • Wants to put most architecturally significant building on Nashville skyline
  • Expert Tip: Think differently when it comes to taking care of your residents. Instead of cutting expenses provide more value by investing into the property

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