Money Spell Chant To Manifest More Money!!


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In today's blog, let's talk about my miracle money spell chant to attract more money. Everything in this physical universe is just energy. Some people seeing this will say that it's a new age belief to believe such things. I want to invite those people to look up science's long proven law that everything is energy.

Your consciousness is what dictates the energy that you bring into your life and this miracle money chant is going to program your consciousness to start pulling great opportunities to you.

What's a chant? It's something on repeat. Kind of like the chorus of a song. Well, if you had to define the average person's money chant, what do you think it would be? I can think from experience in my own life that mine used to be something like this. "Money, money. I hate you. Money, money, come back, money, money. Where are you? I hate you. Why aren't you here? I'm not good enough for you. Money, money, please come to me".

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