Episode 30 - Interview with Trust Expert Deb Lange


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Episode 30 - Interview with Trust Expert Deb Lange

In this episode, Deb and I talk things personal branding and how building trust is fundamental in an organisation. Deb talks about how being in the brand you business gets you that work-life balance.

Deb Lange is a keynote speaker who helps senior executives, experts, entrepreneurs make sense of complexity, foster relationships and culture in organisations where people's creativity flourishes. Deborah re-introduces people into ways to playfully gain new insights.

Some great quotes from Deb:

"The biggest thing to build trust is actually sharing yourself, whether that's one-on-one, or whether or not it's in a group or if you are having a business meeting, the more we share ourselves, the more others are willing to share of themselves."

"Dig deep into what it is that you love, that you know well, that solves a particular problem because you've solved it and there are other people out in the world who might have that prob who you can else and don't try to be somebody else."

"When you're yourname.com, you get to be you."

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