Episode 10 - The People Whisperer Anneli Blundell


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Episode 10 - The People Whisperer Anneli Blundell

Anneli Blundell and I talk about the importance of making the decision to start a business and to have it branded in your own name – self-branding.

As a professional People Whisperer, Anneli has been working with leaders and teams to improve their communication and interpersonal intelligence for almost a decade. She brings to her clients a recognised expertise in the field of below conscious communication and motivation. She is obsessed with decoding people and performance dynamics for improved results. Anneli goes through how she can help both individuals and corporations.

“How you show up matters. Your interpersonal impact works like a magnet;
it either draws people to you or pushes them away from you
and the difference is palpable.”

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