Killian's Story: From overwhelmed and frustrated to "I have a plan" and sales.


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My guest today is a member of my coaching program, Killian Hagen from Bruce & Olive. He's so honest about the first 6 months of his apparel business. "I felt very stressed out. There are so many levers you can pull at any time with marketing. I was feeling really overwhelmed. I think I had analysis paralysis, which led to decision fatigue, which led to nothing. Too much time was going by with me doing nothing. "

And yet, Killian has been able to work through all of these frustrations and get the support he needs to take action. He's doing all the things that get results. And it's working.

  • Their email list has grown by 200%
  • 3x the number of reviews
  • Launched their blog
  • Profits are up 35%
  • Learned to delegate and outsource stuff
  • Letting go of everything needing to be picture perfect

Killian lays it all out for us and it's awesome.

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