Special Guest Elisha Spanton Leads A Guided Meditation


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Special Guest Elisha Spanton Leads A Guided Meditation on the Topic: Return to Your Heart Chakra. Your Heart Chakra represents the power center through which we experience such things as love, compassion, generosity, kindness, and connection to all things spiritual. When our heart is open, we will experience feelings of well-being, self-worth, and love. Our daily experience can cause us to deal with stress which results in our heart chakra feeling closed or shut off. Living with a closed heart can lead to additional unnecessary negativity and struggle. Join us as Elisha leads our audience through an exercise in meditative healing. Take time to connect and become familiar with your breath and energetic body, and reboot your chakra system by hitting the reset button. About Our Guest: Elisha Marie Spanton is originally from Santa Clara, California where graduated from Santa Clara University in 1998 with a Bachelors in Accounting. Elisha is an ISSA Certified Trainer as well as an NETA Certified Pilates Instructor, Pure Barre Certified, CORE Power Trained RYT 200 hour, and Level 2 Yin Yoga. In October 2017, she enrolled in the CORE Power Teacher Training program and began teaching Vinyasa Yoga in January of 2018. Spanton obtained her Level 2 Yin Yoga certification for emotional resilience, and she is Chopra Meditation Certified. She continues to pursue trainings specializing in stress and trauma, studying shamanism and Ayurveda with the Chopra Center. Aside from teaching classes, Spanton is also an international yoga retreat leader. From leading guided meditations, Elisha seeks to inspire others to overcome obstacles in their life to achieve and maintain a state of peace from within.

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