New Horror Movies Ep. 017: Dead Man Still Walking - The Sadness (2022)


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Movement is life! Welcome to the Third Edition of DEAD MAN STILL WALKING, where Dr. Walking Dead dares you to explore the depths of depravity found in this year’s notorious zombie flick, The Sadness (2022), a new Horror film from Taiwan written and directed by Rob Jabbaz. Dr. Bishop addresses the gore and violence and whether it is excessively or unnecessarily gratuitous. He describes how this new film fits into both 20th century and 21st century zombie narratives. Is “The Sadness” also a Romance? Is it an “Anti-Romance”? Is this film original or derivative? What other zombie narratives, if any, serve as influences? Kyle Bishop answers these questions and discusses the distinctions between “gluttonous zombies” and “wrath zombies” / “lust zombies.” In the beginning of his review, Dr. Bishop discusses some very mild, premise-based “spoilers.” But after providing a spoiler warning, he eventually covers full-blown spoilers for “The Sadness.” Listen!

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Dead Man Still Walking is a biweekly, short-form solocast hosted by Dr. Walking Dead Kyle Bishop, author of American Zombie Gothic and How Zombies Conquered Popular Culture. Dr. Walking Dead also presents a popular segment called The Dead Zone on regular episodes of this podcast. For his Dead Man Still Walking solocast episodes, Dr. Bishop will focus exclusively on zombie films, with the occasional exploration of zombie-related themes, zombie television, and other zombie media (e.g., comics, literature, etc.).

Dr. Bishop is an academic and professional scholar of zombie films and other zombie narratives. He has been teaching for 22 years. Dr. Bishop serves as an English professor, Film Studies professor, and he’s currently the English Department Chair at Southern Utah University.

You are welcome to reach out to Dr. Bishop with comments or questions via, Twitter: @DrWalkingDead, or by leaving him a voicemail: (801) 899-9798. You can also watch the documentary, Doc of the Dead (2014), which features Dr. Walking Dead. Find more links below for Dr. Bishop.

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