New Horror Movies Ep. 029: HALLOWEEN 2022: 'I’m With Jay — This Is a Horror Film!'


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HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2022! Episode 029 is our Official Halloween 2022 Special Celebration, even though Jay of the Dead released it a couple of days late. But rest assured, this Halloween Special is worth the wait! In this memorable, MEGA MONSTER EPISODE of Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies, we bring you reviews of Out There Halloween Mega Tape (2022) and this past weekend’s theater release, Prey for the Devil (2022) with special guest, The Twisted Temptress, from Land of the Creeps horror movie podcast! This Halloween Special also includes a few surprises, including Dr. Walking Dead’s gas station $5 bin movie hunt and his EPIC new, Annual segment; a guest appearance by Jeff HAMMER (formerly of Zombie Reckoning and Movie Stream Cast); Mackula and Jay’s idea for “Friday the 13th Part XIII” (2023); a flashback to a one-year anniversary for this podcast; the final verdict on a raging debate, seven years in the making about whether “No Escape” is a Horror movie; Ron Martin and Dr. Walking Dead’s review of the David Gordon Green “Halloween” trilogy — especially “Halloween Ends” (2022); we’ve got a pick from John Kenneth Muir’s Horror Films of the 1970s books; and our most special surprise is what we’ve done with our NINE Specialty Segments! This episode is long, Baby, and it’s a Must-Listen Horror Movie Podcast! Join us!

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Note: This episode was recorded in September and October 2022, and it was released on Nov. 3, 2022

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