Part 2 - Is Jesus God? Is God A Trinity? Response to Critics - Jay Dyer


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Several channels and commenters have offered opposition of late and I will be responding in a lengthy stream to all of them at once (mainly Rocking Mr E as starting point), since all heresies are rooted in confusion over nature, person, will, essence and action in man and in God. "The root of all heresies is the failure to distinguish nature and Person." -St. John of Damascus. Arianism is refuted firstly from Scripture, but we must stress to the new Arian who also want sola scriptura to be true, that it's nonsense. We also want to understand against the Latin scholastics, Thomists, and advocates of RCism the terms and usages of the council fathers aren't optional and they aren't based on pagan philosophical usage, but were transformed and given a biblical meaning.
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