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What is Jedi Realist Radio Jedi Realist Radio was founded by MJ Hannigan in 2012 to promote Jedi Realism and transformational concepts to enrich the lives of our listeners. Today Jedi Realist Radio is a network that keeps with that same concept but has expanded the message with 5 weekly shows by 3 hosts that cover a variety of topics to help motivate and inspire others not only in Jedi Realism but also any life obstical you may face. Jedi Templar every Tuesday is a educational show from the Jedi Templar sect of the community mixed with a little doctrine from the Arkinnea Jedi Order. Jedi Templar Reflections is on Monday night's and is more of a self help 15 minute weekly show where MJ Hannigan takes a inspirational quote and talks about current events in the community as well as life. MJ Hannigan had been part of the Jedi Realist community for over 20 years and was one of the three featured people in American Jedi a documentary film about the Jedi Realist community. War Beauty Wednesday by Perris is dedicated to self help, self love and wellness on spiritual and emotional levels. Perris was also featured in American Jedi, BBC and several news papers across the world. Arkinnea Friday Knights is our Friday episode dedicated to not only Arkinnea Jedi Order doctrine but also focused on developing leaders in the community and a open forum for members from other Jedi Realist communities to come and share their views. Arkinnea Friday Knights is a round table discussion hosted by Alan Wilson the founder of the Arkinnea Jedi Order currently claiming Missouri as our home temple. Sunday Sermons by BJ is every Sunday and is varity show where BJ discusses life lessons and leadership. BJ is currently a Knight in Arkinnea working on a clergy program and acting temple master in CA Arkinnea chapter. We also need to give credit to our regular contributors Snips Evens, a long standing community member as well as community leader in most respects. We als

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