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What is Empowerment? How do we empower ourselves and other? Anyone can call themselves a Jedi but being called a Jedi Knight takes on a whole new meaning. At Arkinnea we take our Jedi Knight titles very seriously and we expect our students to study and train hard in order to be recognized as a knight. Join us as we discuss our teachings here on Arkinnea Jedi Order Friday Knights. This group is for the Jedi Masters, Knights, and Padawans of the Arkinnea Jedi Order. The use of this group is for training, reflection, events, Jedi Community & temple announcements. Arkinnea follows the core beliefs of the Jedi Knight, and recognizes all classifications of Jedi. If you enjoy this conversation and want to learn more please join us at the Arkinnea Jedi Academy on Facebook Love and Light Arkinnea Jedi Knights

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