64. Layton


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An artist of great proportion, Layton brings his voice and guitar and stories and “Film Noir” -- the song that has formally launched his recording career. We go to the record for it, and to a 3 song acoustic performance alongside in depth conversation about the creative process, and the light and dark of life.

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1. Layton - Film Noir (00:20:47)

2. Conversation with Jeff (00:23:48)

3. Layton - Right Like Me (00:29:10)

4. Conversation with Jeff (00:32:05)

5. Layton - Weight of the World (00:38:49)

6. Conversation with Jeff (00:42:50)

7. Layton - Natural Disaster (00:49:37)

8. Conversation with Jeff (00:53:26)

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