Alkalizing Your Body for Optimal Health - with Dana the founder of "My Alkaline Recipes"


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In this Season 2 episode of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based & Happy Podcast, I had the amazing Dana, founder of My Alkaline Recipes on. Dana has been a great inspiration for me so naturally I wanted to have her on to share her plant-based journey of how she began to benefit from an alkaline diet. She also shares her top tips on making delicious meals that everyone will love and more!

Dana is the founder of My Alkaline Recipes, an Instagram based platform with Alkaline Vegan Recipes that are based on Dr. Sebi's Nutritional guide. Dana is passionate about healthy living and love creating recipes that help change the way people perceive food.

In this episode Dana and I chat about:
➤ The benefits of eating alkaline food.
➤ Overcoming excuses.
➤ Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide.
➤ Simplifying plant-based nutrition.
➤ Raw VS cooked.
➤ Making exciting plant-based meals.
➤ 6 fundamental food groups according to Dr. Sebi.
➤ Choosing the right cleanse for your body.
➤ The best way to optimize health with food

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