Demystifying Muscle Activation Techniques with Jenny Kong


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In this Season 2 episode of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based & Happy Podcast, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Jenny Kong, my very own Muscle Activation Specialist! If you haven’t heard of MAT yet, you could be missing out on the key element needed to rebalance your body, increase muscle function and range of motion, experience faster recovery time, better workouts and finally, to achieve your highest quality of life yet.

Jen is the owner of Parallel Fitness Studio, a Personal Training Studio, voted best fitness centre by the community of Richmond Hill.

She is a Kinesiologist alumni from University of Toronto and a Personal Trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist.

Jen has worked with people of all ages, from athletes, to clients with MS, Parkinsons disease, lyme disease, stroke, surgery recovery, injury, joint replacement and arthritis among others.

She has an exceptional understanding of not just physical activity, but biomechanics and human anatomy and uses all of that to create workouts that build you up instead of break you down.

As a twin mom, she understood first hand postpartum how body aches and pain can affect everyday performance and has been since an advocate of a “less is more” philosophy. She focuses on finding weak, underused muscles that aren’t firing optimally and strengthening those to create a more balanced muscular system. Every workout is dictated by the client’s body and structural needs and not based on protocols or the latest trends.

She is totally passionate about health and wellness; and has spent over a decade in this industry educating clients about their bodies and how to work smarter, not just harder.

Jen’s proudest accomplishments are her twin girls and the time she went back stage and did a MAT treatment session on Phil Collen, Def Leppard’s Lead guitarist and his wife during their concert in Toronto.

In this episode Jen and I chat about:
➤ What is Muscle Activation Techniques?
➤ Comparing MAT to other therapies.
➤ Finding the root cause of pain.
➤ Locating weakness in the body. Psst... It’s not always where you think it is.
➤ How the body begins to overcompensate for muscle weakness.
➤ The true purpose of exercise.
➤ How an injury manifests.
➤ Workouts that focus on building you up rather than tearing you down.
➤ Comparing social media ‘mom life’ to the real thing.
➤ Dieting regrets.

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