The Powerful Benefits of Biophilic Design with Tania De Gasperis


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In this episode of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based and Happy Podcast, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Tania De Gasperis!

Tania De Gasperis is a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for Futures Thinking. She is currently completing her Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University. Her thesis focuses on empathy through nature and the benefits of Biophilia in the built environment. Tania recently co-founded a design company called "Over Under Inside Out" which creates futures driven products. Her first product is a virtual heartbeat for plants and will launch on Kickstarter in February 2019. She is also a graduate of Y Combinator's 2018 Startup School and an Imagination Catalyst Incubator alumni.

In this episode Tania and I chat about:
➤ Developing empathy through nature.
➤ The benefits of Biophilia in the built environment.
➤ Forest bathing.
➤ Reconnecting to nature in a busy modern world.
➤ How plants help to reduce stress and create calm.
➤ Designing a tranquil environment.

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