From a Mentally Ill Butcher to a Passionate Vegan - The Complete Lifestyle Transformation of Fraser Bayley


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I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off Season 2 of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based & Happy Podcast then to share this incredible story!

In this episode of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based and Happy Podcast, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Fraser Bayley.

Fraser has an unusual story – having gone from being a mentally ill butcher to a passionate vegan advocate, bodybuilder and online strength & nutrition coach. In a struggle to overcome serious mental illness including bi-polar disorder, ADHD (a learning disability) and severe social anxiety, Fraser chose to walk away from the butchery industry for good. He never realized how health, fitness and veganism would then come together as transform his life in many amazing ways. Today Fraser operates an online vegan health and fitness brand called Evolving Alpha with his wife Lauren, which helps other vegans, curious non-vegans & high performing entrepreneurs get, healthy, strong & achieve a higher state of peak performance through a range of plant based, vegan nutrition programs and coaching options.

In this episode Fraser and I chat about:
➤ His spiritual journey from butcher to vegan
➤ The truth about where meat comes from, how animals are treated and the bacteria that is found in what’s considered ‘clean’ cuts of meat
➤ Today’s alpha male and how this term is evolving with the help of plant-based nutrition
➤ Why more men are becoming vegan
➤ Dealing with food addiction
➤ Why we shouldn’t be afraid of carbohydrates
➤ Factors that may be sabotaging weight loss on a plant-based diet
➤ Where he gets his protein
➤ Becoming the best version of yourself


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Instagram: @evolvingalpha

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