The Relatable Vegan with Mario Fabbri the Creator of "Trying Vegan with Mario"


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On this episode of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based & Happy Podcast I had the incredible opportunity to chat with the creator of “Trying Vegan with Mario"

Mario Fabbri hosts a cooking show called “Trying Vegan with Mario” where he is on a mission to learn the best plant-based recipes from vegan experts. Trying Vegan with Mario airs on channel 1 in NYC and is streaming on Roku.

Growing up Mario’s dad owned an Italian Sausage factory and for a long time he anticipated taking it over. The sausage factory was a big part of his family tradition. At 18 years old he moved from his home in Chicago to Colorado, and at 20 years old, started a video production company filming food commercials for television. Everything was about creating the most ‘droolworthy’ meaty, fried, cheesy food shots to entice people. Mario became interested in vegan food when his business partner lost 100 pounds by eating plant-based. After that he began learning as much as he could about plant-based nutrition. During this time, he had to stop making unhealthy commercials and learn how to spread a healthier message. That’s what inspired Trying Vegan with Mario. The viewers learn about vegan cooking and benefits through his experience. It’s about delicious food that everyone can make.

In this episode Mario and I chat about:
➤ How not being able to relate to other vegan content led him to create “Trying Vegan with Mario”
➤ The basics for going plant-based
➤ Easy and delicious plant-based food for everyone
➤ How plant-based nutrition is helping people operate at a higher level
➤ Building a plant-powered business
➤ Letting go of old habits and making room for new ideas
➤ A new approach to Veganism
➤ Constructive ways to give people the tools they need to become plant-based
➤ Following your true passion in life

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