Why Many People are Calling Nitric Oxide the 'Miracle Molecule' - with Beth Shirley


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Season 2 of the Jennifer Zee Plant-based & Happy Podcast is moving forward with some talk about a really cool molecule. Coined by some as the ‘Miracle Molecule’ Beth Shirley explains why she is so passionate about nitric oxide.

Beth Shirley has developed expertise as a pharmacist and certified clinical nutritionist during a 40+ year career. This experience spans wellness department development and management, dietary supplement integration, new product formulations and integrative medical practice development. Beth provides clinical nutrition services for wellness-focused individuals across the entire age spectrum. Her specialties include stress-induced hormonal imbalance, intestinal dysfunction, autoimmune and chronic inflammatory issues, detoxification, and super-normal oxidative stress. Over the last nine years Beth has spent time working with some of the leading thought leaders in the world of nitric oxide research and through this has developed an in-depth knowledge on the topic and its potential applications in Patient care.

In this episode Beth and I chat about:
➤Healing over suppressing symptoms
➤Food as medicine
➤Targeted nutrients
➤Resolving intestinal dysfunction
➤Reversing brain fog
➤Secrets to training like an athlete in less time
➤What nitric oxide is and how it affects the body
➤How to increase nitric oxide with food and supplementation
➤Increasing sexual response with nitric oxide for women

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