170. Best of Matt Breitenbach, Caroline Bean and Seth O'Byrne: How to Win Listings, 3 Top Interviews


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Today is three top interviews from the Jere Metcalf Podcast. With three top, but very different real estate agents on winning listings. We start with Matt Breitenbach representing billion-dollar clients in the Hamptons. Then Caroline Bean, a top agent in Houston, who has doubled her business year over year for the last five years. And last but not least, Seth O' Byrne, not just a renowned real estate agent in San Diego, the country and the world. He's a master marketer and conversationalist in these segments of each interview. Today, we talk about how they win listings before presentations, how they execute the presentations, and their philosophies and actions that have led to their ongoing growing success, Winning listings.

  • Matt walks us through the listing pitch (01:27)
  • Examples of some great pitches (03:30)
  • The best pitch that Matt faces (05:42)
  • Winning the listing and keeping the price (09:14)
  • An overview of pitch deck (12:29)
  • Caroline's strategic approach in winning business (15:00)
  • Why she thinks the initial connection is important (17:30)
  • System and process of listing presentation (18:10)

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