172. Nikki Field Interview: The 2 Essential Steps to Become a Multibillion Dollar Agent


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Today I’m talking to Nikki Field, with Sotheby’s International Realty since 1998.
She has over $3 billion in sales and annually ranked as the #1 Sales Team at Sotheby’s International Realty. Nikki is consistently ranked by The Wall Street Journal/Real Trends annual report as one of America’s Top 250 Real Estate Professionals and consistently one of the Top 20 real estate professionals in New York City. She has broken sales record after sales record.
Just to name a few, in 2018, she sold the most expensive re-sale in NYC, at $54M, for which she represented both Seller and Buyer.
In 2019, She delivered yet another record sale at $80m which was the highest transfer in the history of Downtown Manhattan. Her Additional record sales include multiple 50 million dollar plus units on Billionaire’s Row and numerous record Townhouse sales on the Upper East Side. Nikki also excels in New Development representation including: closing out 995 Fifth Avenue (The Stanhope) for Extell Development, Director of Sales for Kushner Companies at The Puck Building- a $175M+ sell-out and 40 East 72nd an $80M sell-out.
Nikki was Lead Sales Director for the $400M+ sell-out of 212 Fifth Avenue, which included the all-time, record-setting downtown sale of the $80M Penthouse.
And there’s more..
Outside of New York, her numerous worldwide referral sales include a Lake Tahoe residence for $48M and the Residences at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass.
Nikki travels extensively to emerging markets in Asia. Since 2008 she has been doing this, building on the growing global business of Sotheby’s International Realty, Nikki has established her self as a real estate agent who is a financial portfolio advisor for international investors in securing and managing prime, global residential real estate.
She is a regular featured industry speaker, frequently interviewed by national and international news outlets as an authority on the luxury residential market.
To name a couple, Nikki was showcased in the PBS installment of “Super Skyscrapers” in which One57, “The Billionaire Building”, was featured as America’s most luxurious residential building and highlighted her noted sales record of multiple $50M single unit sales. She was also prominently featured in the acclaimed BBC Television documentary “Super Homes” with all of this success, it seems her list of how to reach her level of success would be long and complex.
She says it really just comes down to 2 essential steps. Today, In our interview, she shares what they are.

  • A little background of Nikki's real estate business (04:24)
  • How did she build a business of doing every 3 billion a year (07:05)
  • A little bit about building a specialized team (11:55)
  • How did she build her team (24:27)
  • What is her biggest strength as a team (29:17)
  • The final three questions (32:51)

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