Best Live Streaming Platform for Investing, Growth, and Charity?


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DLive is the only live streaming platform where we can combine investing directly with what we earn. Continue reading at By comparison, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and any other live streaming website not based on a cryptocurrency, we are limited to starting from zero. On @dlive when we buy Steem we have many ways we can combine the money we invest with what return we get from our live streams including how many people watch! Will you join us to learn more about because we might discover the money we sometimes blindly throw at large companies and governments in the stock market and bonds might go really far on Steem especially when live streaming on @dlive? Best Live Streaming Platform for Investors! On Dlive when you buy Steem and put that into Steem Power that's yours. You can hold it, you can take it out whenever you want to although powering it down from Steem Power takes a total of three months. That said, the amazing opportunity on Dlive is to use all the resources you have in terms of your investments to upvote yourself and others to build a community on every live stream! That's not available on any other platform today! If you hold a bunch of Google stock, you don't get to give yourself or anyone else money for live streaming on YouTube. If you hold Facebook stock, you don't get to give yourself or anyone else money when live streaming on Facebook. When you buy Steem and power it up, you can! While the idea of upvoting our own live streams may get us to put our money in, helping others earn by upvoting their live streams is the real opportunity to build a community, give back, and love being here every day! People are really grateful to get money when you upvote their live stream, and it's only natural they will want to get to know you including potentially watching, following, and/or upvoting back! If you have actually got money in investments and they are not doing anything for you other than just being numbers on some statement that you are afraid of every month, Dlive presents the incredible opportunity to combine our investments and our earnings, and our live streaming, in a meaningful way today. Where instead of having money in companies that then we have to watch the news and see how they are doing, and we get afraid when the stock market goes down, I've got all my investments in Steem and that allows me to upvote hundreds of dollars every single day, and that's really cool. That's rewarding, that's fun to be able to do that. I've given thousands of dollars away to people posting on the Steem blockchain, which Dlive live streams then get posted on the Steem blockchain. That is a unique opportunity not available on any other live-streaming platform, which is why when you see people on Dlive streaming, most are earning something, even if it is three cents, 38 cents or ten dollars. Almost everyone that live streams on Dlive will at least make a few cents on every single live stream. That's unique to Dlive. Some live streamers will get $50 on a live stream, some will get $20, and some will get $68 for playing a video game, on live stream, directly from the platform not relying on tips. Dlive itself, the platform, has a lot of upvoting power. It has about ten million dollars or eight million dollars today worth of voting power. That means the platform itself is able to give out a lot of upvotes to streamers. That's a unique opportunity. The downside of that is that you need to keep your Steem account safe. If you lose your master password for your Steem account, you may lose your ability to live stream again on Dlive on that account, and if you put money into that Steem account and you lose the password, you may lose the ability to withdraw that money as well. That is one of the huge downsides which is why I made a video and a post starting from day one on how t

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